Monday, February 23, 2009

Setting Professional Goals

Telly Monster and I are definitely on the same wavelength.

"Poor Telly's Tuba!" I hear you empathise. Well, that's me with my teaching!

So many thoughts and ideas throw themselves into my stream of consciousness that I lose most of them before I can commit them to a more secure format than my feeble memory! So I could have started this blog at quite a number of points, generally school-related professional development memos to myself, but this evening I'm just going to bite the bullet and jot down a brief comment that I'm determined to devise a formal "plan" for achieving.

I must confess to being a bit, okay, a LOT of a "not now, later!" person, as tasks that can seem insurmountable leave me feeling insufficiently equipped to tackle them, hence they remain static on my "to do" list! Yet now having identified my difficulty, rather than let myself fluff and flounder (as was the case last year, recurring thoughts of which result in macabre flashbacks!) I'm going to create a scaffold for skills development, most notably in behaviour management.

The (cyclical) process for now:

* Identify a skill I need to establish, develop and/or strengthen
* Outline the explicit steps in specific contexts that I will take to achieve the skill
* Engage in my self-prescribed learning sequence
* Reflect and self-evaluate

But like Telly Monster, there's help at hand :)

...and thank goodness for that, because I'm sure we all find the going tough from time to time!

By putting this online I'm selfishly making myself more accountable, thus increasing my likelihood of success *smile*, but also importantly, it might be a support to someone else who's starting out in teaching, even if just as a quiet supportive voice in the background.

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