Saturday, April 24, 2010

Have You Reached Saturation Point?

I'm addicted to learning.

In particular, I've been learning to work against the path of least resistance, as that's often where the most gains are to be made. Don't you find that it's often more rewarding too, going through the process of struggle? There's a sense of hard-earned satisfaction that goes with it. When things come too easily, we tend not to value them.

Thing is, if you are literate and have ready access to the internet, learning is easy. Too easy and too much. This afternoon I listed the tasks relating to professional development that I wish to keep on top of:
  • RSS feeds

  • Discussion list emails

  • Twitter links

  • Books

  • Journals

  • Blogging

  • Other personal learning network (PLN)

    sharing and discussion

  • School-based PD

  • School programming and preparation

  • School PBL team

  • School technology team

I find myself not wanting to accept that there is a limit to what is humanly possible to regularly engage in. There is a wealth of meaty knowledge that's now so eeeeasily available. I feel as if I'm standing by the banks of the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's factory, and all I can do is dip a small mug in - I can't possibly consume it all. Yet it continues to flow past increasingly rapidly.

I've reached saturation point.

I suppose that what I need to learn now is to manage my intake. To other full time primary school teachers, how have you done this?

Did I say that learning is easy? Yes, but for me, it's the management of it that's the challenge.

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